Plastic-type films and bags general from the producer "Polymer"

The company "Polymer" has become producing polymer film and bags for longer than 25 years. The key to the stable good results is a staff of seasoned skilled managers, leaders and engineers. Frequent updating of your fleet of equipment, coaching of staff, consumption of progressive research and technologiesresearch and development allows the company "Polymer" being on the list of leaders in the Ukrainian market of polymer products. Leading Ukrainian companies, Western companies and also other popular brand names position purchases for films and packages with and without a logo.

Modern day automated extruders are installed on the extrusion portion. The company's toolbox of equipment is complemented by way of a substantial-functionality extrusion collection for the creation of motion picture. By using our technological capabilities, we are able to generate deals and films associated with a size and modification.

They are biopacks, eco packages (starch), banana provides, T-t-shirt provides, trash packages, packaging packages, logo design features, easy-to-open handle packs, liner hand bags, laundry washing bags, dried out inns and cleaners. Inside the "Products" segment you will get knowledgeable about a list of well-liked merchandise between our customers, along with check with the administrator and place an order.

To get this done, we use raw supplies from famous European and Ukrainian manufacturers. The movie is produced around the latest great-technology equipment, these products obtain particular characteristics with incorporating stabilizers, chemical dyes and able to degrade chemicals. According to their technical requirements, thanks to innovative and scientific approaches, our customers receive products.

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